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Details of the purchase and sale

We sell free from all defects of title and with no warranty
for material defects, unless we will write the warranty in
the order of confirmation. We will give warranty for all descriptions
we will write in our offers (example:"no working hours", "6 tensions")
The offers are all only legal,when the supplies are in our stock,
when a customer will give us an order.With our order of confirmation
the contract is legal. We offer prices ex works from the stocklocation.

19.03.2013 18:15 Age: 8 yrs

Hiab 2700 Ladekran (Kleinkran)


Hiab 2700 Ladekran Verkauft

Hiab 2700 Ladekran Verkauft

ohne Betriebsstunden aus 2007

Doppelausschub hydraulisch

5,30 Meter 460 kg

3,05 Meter 845 kg

1 mechanischer Ausschub zusätzlich : 6,7 eter 295 kg

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