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Ladekran Verkauf und Vermietung
Krankipper Verkauf und Vermietung

We offer Used Crane

We are a brand independent company.

Many years of experience with loader cranes - that is the basic of our job.

Buying a used knuggle boom crane, you can experience bad surprises.

To minimise repairs and improvements, we try to buy our cranes in a built on situation and test them.

We are looking especially for pillar, anchors, tensions and cylinders and the general condition.

Also we buy loader cranes with no working hour’s ore with Verifiable low working hours.

We consult you also about all questions round about loader cranes and we connect as agent a lot of assembling manufacturer.

Our rental model

We built up 7, 5 Tons tipper with crane Palfinger Pk 7001K.

By this combination you have a lot of rest weight in this Claas of trucks.

You rent a truck by us for minimum 6 ore 12 months.
Than you will give back, rental again ore buy the truck.

You can also create with us a Tipper with crane about 12, 15 ore 18 tons GG and rent for 2 years.
After you can buy ore rental again.

So you have a manageable period with minized financial risks and you will going out of your vehicle engagement, when the operation profit is going down ore you lost orders.

NFZ Vermietungs GmbH
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